Changing the Default CheckIn Action in TFS

For some weeks ago, I had a team ask me if it was possible to change the default CheckIn action for relating a work item to a check-in in TFS. After finding different solutions, I thought it would be helpful to share with you the different options I found. So what’s the problem? As you will know, when you want to relate a work item with your check-in in TFS, you have to choose between two CheckIn actions: Associate or Resolve. The first one, Associate, is used to just link the work item with the future changeset. The second one, Resolve, also automatically closes the work item on check-in. By default, your Visual Studio client will select the Resolve action on check-in. For some situations this is very helpful. However, when you want to use the Associate action most of the time, it is very annoying and inefficient to change the CheckIn action each time